From Winter to Spring

Since Spring is supposed to be here, we are still yet getting the odd cold days with a bit of snow and some rain. But nonetheless, it still means that spring has finally arrived.

Here are a few shots that I took from the very first snowfall that we, in Ottawa, Canada, had. It was beautiful at first but then it just became a lot of snow and brought a dreadful winter that seems to never end.

You know it’s spring when the weather is becoming warmer, the sun is out a lot more, snow and ice are melting, and you see mud/grass showing up here and there through patches on lawns. Lastly, you get to see the actual driveway and pavement! Here some shots that I took when it was beginning to melt and the bit of ice that are still on branches.

It’s a beautiful transition at times when it’s from winter to spring. The way ice melts and forms during winter on branches or after a snow/ice storm. Each season has it’s own beauty and it’s only a choice as to whether you want to see the beauty of it or hate on it. I do a bit of both. I see the beauty of the season and at times I hate it. For example, the snow. The beauty of snow is when there’s the romantic snow falling. What I mean is the big snowflakes that are slowing falling down from the sky which to me is romantic and a great photoshoot opportunity. The hatred of snow is when there’s too much of it and it’s difficult to drive on the roads which causes a lot of accidents. Since there are some crazy drivers out there, they don’t always drive safely so that’s one thing I hate about the winter.

So what are your thoughts on the seasons?

Cheers everyone! Enjoy the coming Spring!