Spring is Here!

It is now official that spring has finally arrived after a long, cold, harsh winter filled with snow and ice. Although winter does have it’s perks like you can have some amazing photos and the snow on the ground is kind of like a soft reflector. Here are some inspirations to help you jump right into the spring and getting those creative juices flowing again!

Well first things first. Let’s get those creative juices flowing, here is a colour report of the 2015 Spring.


I hope the colour report helps with the shoot to give you guys some ideas for colour combinations. Here are some poses for your shoots that you can try out and to inspire you to be unique and different

I hope this helps with some spring photoshoots. The colour report is also helpful for designers as well to be trendy in the fashion world. So designers don’t disregard this as just for photographers as it also gives you an ideas of what colours you can use in your spring designs!

Also keep in mind for those in the snowy, wintery cities with melting snow to watch out on the mud unless you plan on incorporating mud into the photoshoot. If that’s the case, that would be very interesting to see!