Hidden Words & Sentences: Life

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re having a good week so far and I’ve got a surprise for you on my new artwork. Within this artwork that I have created with ink, there are hidden words and sentences. I will be creating a series of these.

At first I had not even thought about putting words and/or sentences into this artwork but then I thought how awesome it would be as if it had secret meaning. I drew it so it is difficult to find and if you are able to find it then you are AWESOME AND AMAZING!! When I started to draw this, I did not know where I was going with it, I had a blank canvas and just let my creativity run through me and into my 0.3mm marker. Sometimes it’s a good thing to leave some space for breathing and that is what I did as the drawing is complicated, intricate, and compact. I had nothing on my mind but I did have a lot going on at the time when I started to draw this and it seems to show that. Drawing or any type of creativity is a form of expressing yourself and an amazing distraction as you never know what you end up creating.

Here is the first of the series and it is called Life. The words and sentences hidden in this artwork are “Music” and “Life is beautiful.”


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and stay tuned for more of these series! Cheers everyone!

Inspirations of the Week!

Hey everyone!

I hope your week is going smoothly and awesome even though the weather might not be great in certain cities but you can do it just keep your head up and keep hoping for a better day.

This week, I’ve decided to pick the topic of wedding for inspirations since the wedding season is here! So here it is, it’s a mixture of some photography inspirations that I have collected for you to inspire you and some design of invitations and save the date. I hope you enjoy it.

Weddings are difficult and sometimes it’s hard to come up with creative ideas to keep it unique and fresh for your bride and groom. It is their special day so why not just spice it up with different posing, angles, and compositions? Here are some ideas to help you out to be inspired. Boosting those creative juices to keep it unique for your clients.

P.S. I do not own any of these images or designs, they were found through pinterest, google, etc.. They are just ideas for you to be inspired to come up with your own creative photos and designs.

Strolling Around

The other day I went for a drive and was strolling around in a small park. Although it was quite cold and chilly that day, I definitely did not regret it and it’s a photographer’s life anyways. For the love of photography, I’m willing to be in any type of weather to do a shoot, I’m just THAT dedicated and THAT much in love with what I do.

It’s very nice to just occasionally take a drive somewhere and just stroll around in a park and snap some shots of the things around you as it is practicing and sometimes you get the most interesting shots that you would never have thought would come out that way. It’s also a good practice and if you bring a friend along with you, you can do a portrait photoshoot for practicing.

Here are some shots that I took that I found were the best and ones that I absolutely loved. I did not do any editing in photoshop, these were all edited and adjusted in Lightroom. I did not want to change too much in the image since nature is beautiful and interesting. With nature it’s always unpredictable.

I hope you enjoyed these shots. I had a great time strolling around and just shooting away with my camera. I also found it very relaxing. So go out, take a drive, and photograph! Enjoy yourselves!


From Winter to Spring

Since Spring is supposed to be here, we are still yet getting the odd cold days with a bit of snow and some rain. But nonetheless, it still means that spring has finally arrived.

Here are a few shots that I took from the very first snowfall that we, in Ottawa, Canada, had. It was beautiful at first but then it just became a lot of snow and brought a dreadful winter that seems to never end.

You know it’s spring when the weather is becoming warmer, the sun is out a lot more, snow and ice are melting, and you see mud/grass showing up here and there through patches on lawns. Lastly, you get to see the actual driveway and pavement! Here some shots that I took when it was beginning to melt and the bit of ice that are still on branches.

It’s a beautiful transition at times when it’s from winter to spring. The way ice melts and forms during winter on branches or after a snow/ice storm. Each season has it’s own beauty and it’s only a choice as to whether you want to see the beauty of it or hate on it. I do a bit of both. I see the beauty of the season and at times I hate it. For example, the snow. The beauty of snow is when there’s the romantic snow falling. What I mean is the big snowflakes that are slowing falling down from the sky which to me is romantic and a great photoshoot opportunity. The hatred of snow is when there’s too much of it and it’s difficult to drive on the roads which causes a lot of accidents. Since there are some crazy drivers out there, they don’t always drive safely so that’s one thing I hate about the winter.

So what are your thoughts on the seasons?

Cheers everyone! Enjoy the coming Spring!

Spring is Here!

It is now official that spring has finally arrived after a long, cold, harsh winter filled with snow and ice. Although winter does have it’s perks like you can have some amazing photos and the snow on the ground is kind of like a soft reflector. Here are some inspirations to help you jump right into the spring and getting those creative juices flowing again!

Well first things first. Let’s get those creative juices flowing, here is a colour report of the 2015 Spring.


I hope the colour report helps with the shoot to give you guys some ideas for colour combinations. Here are some poses for your shoots that you can try out and to inspire you to be unique and different

I hope this helps with some spring photoshoots. The colour report is also helpful for designers as well to be trendy in the fashion world. So designers don’t disregard this as just for photographers as it also gives you an ideas of what colours you can use in your spring designs!

Also keep in mind for those in the snowy, wintery cities with melting snow to watch out on the mud unless you plan on incorporating mud into the photoshoot. If that’s the case, that would be very interesting to see!