Tips on what to wear to an engagement photoshoot


Many of you will ask the photographer what you should bring and what you should wear. I’ve decided to compile a list of some do’s and don’ts for you bride-to-be’s to help you and the photographer out.

Here are some advice from me to you about the do’s and don’ts of an engagement photoshoot:

DO: BE YOURSELF Show your true colours and it will show in your images of the natural beauty of the relationship that you and your significant other have. It will also accentuate your personalities and style. So in other words cuddle up, laugh, compliment each other, smile, and interact with each other like you both normally would.

DO: DRESS FOR THE WEATHER You don’t want to dress in summer clothes when it’s freezing out so dress appropriately to the weather that day of the shoot.

DO: MIX IT UP Bring a wide variety of clothing styles such as dressy, semi-casual, casual, cute, fun, whatever it is that you want.

DO: LAYERS, ACCESSORIES, AND PROPS It is always fun to use layers and accessorize. It will feel natural and adds a nice touch to the photos. Bringing props such as a pet, an instrument, something that you both love doing together such as a picnics or riding bicycles, rollerblading, etc. It is whatever you both like doing together and what suits both of you the most.

DO: HAIR AND MAKE UP Ladies, getting your hair and make up done will help tremendously in your photos since you know for sure your hair and make up will be perfect so it will also lift off some stress as to how you look in your photos. So get it done and make yourself feel even more perfect and gorgeous.

DO: IRON YOUR CLOTHES Now-a-days a lot of people believe photoshop can do everything but there are just some things that even photoshop can’t fully fix and that includes the wrinkles in your clothes.

DON’T: TAN RIGHT BEFORE THE SHOOT Tanning disasters can happen so it is best to not do it right before the shoot.

DON’T: WEAR CLOTHES THAT ARE TOO LOOSE OR TOO TIGHT You want to look perfect in your photos so if the clothes fit you perfectly then you will look perfect and feel perfect in your photos. If you wear clothes that are too loose it’s not very flattering neither are clothes that are too tight so the most flattering would be to wear clothes are are perfectly fitted for your body.

DON’T: WEAR UNCOMFORTABLE CLOTHES You want to wear something you are comfortable in to show your true colours within the image. If you don’t wear the clothes that are you’re comfortable in then it will definitely show in the images that you’re not very comfortable in the clothes that you’re in. You want the images to look as natural as possible.

DON’T: WEAR MATCHING OUTFITS Although it may seem cute and some similar clothes may be right but do not wear the exact same outfit. Instead of matching outfits coordinate the colours that are similar to each other that you are both comfortable in.

DON’T: BE AFRAID TO BE ROMANTIC The whole point of the engagement shoot is to capture the romantics within the relationship that you have with your partner so don’t be afraid to be romantic as it would help the photographer be able to capture the true feelings that you have for each other.

DON’T: DO LOGOS OR DISTRACTING PATTERNS This is a huge problem for many photographers so it is best to avoid all big huge logos since you are not advertising for the clothing so let’s stay away from huge distracting logos. It’s a huge no-no on distracting patterns so it is best to keep the clothes simple and free of majorly distracting patterns.