Dress Code


Every photographer at some point has come to a point where they’re not sure how to dress for a certain type of photoshoot or event. Most of these photographers are the ones that are just getting into a photoshoot or an event.

I decided to make some tips for a photographer’s dress code so here it goes:

  • Dress to blend in. You’re supposed to be invisible so you have to blend in. You are not the focus of attention so do not wear loud/colourful/distracting clothing. Therefore you should stick to darker solid colours OR just have your top in a solid colour that could be a bit bright but not bright and bold to the point that you’re sticking out like a sore thumb.
  • Don’t overdress or under dress. You may not be expected to dress formally like in a suit with a tie and what not but you should still dress somewhat formally like a button up shirt and some suit pants. Ladies, you don’t need to wear a dress, I would suggest wearing pants NOT jeans. It’s a lot more difficult to work in a dress as you would have to consider on whether or not you are flashing other people as you’re getting your shots.
  • Dress comfortably. Ladies, don’t wear heels as over time through out the day, your feet will be sore and it will be crying. Wear comfortable shoes like flats but don’t wear sneakers.
  • Dress to make your clients feel comfortable. If you want to get your clients to relax a bit, wear slacks and a designer t-shirt. Ladies, you can wear pants with a nice top. You don’t┬áhave to look formal just semi-casual and not casual to the point where you seem unprofessional.

If you are still unsure, for some events, ask your client what the dress code is that they would like you to be in. If they don’t have one then just dress semi-formal but don’t wear jeans.