Making Decisions

Have you ever felt like you were lost or confused? I most definitely have and I’m currently at that point where I’m not only lost but also confused about some things. It may be the winter talking even though it is gorgeous and beautiful out, but it just feels like I don’t know where to begin anymore so I then become lost and confused. Don’t get me wrong I love the warm sunny weather that just brightens up the day and brings a smile. Even with the nice weather, you also can’t help but feel like you’re lost. I don’t even know if it’s making sense at all or if I’m explaining it correctly.

About 2 weeks ago, I had a friend who came to visit, it was fun and enjoyed our time hanging out, kept me occupied and didn’t have to think about reality for a bit and then once my friend had left, it all of a sudden hit me that it’s officially spring and there are lots of decisions to make and things to do. But my real feeling is where do I even begin on the decision making and what should I do first. Do I start from the hardest or do I work my way up. What are some of the things I can tackle and some that would need more time to tackle.

What are some of the things that help someone get unconfused and get found/un-lost from the state that they’re in?

Decisions is not an easy task to make sometimes even when you are very sure of yourself and you know what you want. But when it comes down to certain things that may or may not be out of your reach, it becomes harder. For example, moving…where to move, where to stay, what to pack up, what to leave, etc.

I think the easiest way to deal with certain things is to do a pro’s and con’s list, a to-do list and check them off as you get each task done, occupy your mind to escape certain emotions, and talk to your friends and family see what they recommend.

I do apologize if this may seem way off topic from my normal blogging posts but I just thought I had to share about some of what goes through my mind at times through the thick and thins in life.


Cheers everyone! Enjoy the gorgeous spring while it lasts!